3 parts of laptop you should pay the attention to while cleaning

When several running tabs are open in the laptop, there is a high chance of overheating the laptop, which badly affects the laptop’s performance, so it is essential to cool the laptop then use the cooling fan to down laptop temperature. If you want to work on a laptop full of proficiency, it is mandatory to clean the laptop’s fans regularly. Here, some parts of the laptop are discussed for cleaning.

 Clean laptop fan

If the laptop’s processing speed is slow, then you have to clean the fan of the laptop, and it is highly recommended that you clean your laptop after six months. It would be best to consider cleaning your laptop when the applications run slow, and your laptop’s temperature is hot. There is some method described related to the cleanliness of the fan.

  • Take out the bottom panel: inside the laptop, the cooling fan is visible.
  • Next, tight the fan and fix it but do not detach it if you do not know the hardware because it can be damaged.
  • In the final step, take a cloth and clean the fan.

 Cleaning the keyboard

 If you do not clean your keyboard, dust, liquid, food, and other particles can get stuck in the keyboard’s keys, and the keyboard cannot work correctly. So it is crucial to clean the keyboard, and the essential cleaning tips are defined below that how to clean the keyboard.

  • In the first step, unplug the keyboard from the USB. If the keyboard is attached to the port, you have to shut down your computer before unplugging.
  • In the next step, remove the keyboard’s dust by shaking and clan by hand.
  • After that, apply compresses air to clean the dust between the keys.
  • Then, use a paper towel with alcohol and apply it on the top of the keys. Please do not pour the alcohol on the keys directly.
  • Reconnect the keyboard with the computer after drying it in the final step. If you want any other information, see page at floorcleaningtools.com  regarding cleaning the keyboard and other parts of the laptop.

 Clean the laptop screen

Most people make a mistake when they clean the laptop screen because they use a liquid cleaner. Try to avoid that because there are only a few safe liquids, and carefully use them while cleaning the laptop’s screen. However, there are some points regarding cleaning the screen of the laptop.

Always use a cleaning solution to clean the laptop screen.

  • Do not apply a direct cleaning solution on the screen of your laptop.
  • Start to clean the laptop from the centre and wipe it softly in a circulation motion.
  • Gently clean the screen until the entire surface becomes clean.

 Moreover, there is various cleaner which is used for screen cleaning. But Bryson screen cleaner is one of the best and inexpensive cleaning solutions. It is easy to use because it sprays on the screen and wipes out with a clean, soft cloth.

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